Vine Marketing for BusinessIf you’re a regular on social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, you’ve probably seen videos coming from an app called Vine.  This mobile app, owned by Twitter, enables users to create and post short video clips.  This service was introduced with a maximum clip length of six seconds and can be shared or embedded on social media networks.  Originally created for use on Twitter, it is no available to be shared across many social media sites.

Even with its short clip length, Vine can be a great storytelling tool.  If used the right way, you can produce great marketing and advertising messages that are clear and to the point.  Rather than try to cram too much information into a six second clip, try planning and produce a clear message with simplicity.  In marketing, these messages are produced to reach individual and potential customers.

Keep in mind that you need to get your message out but without using too many words.  Too many words will cause you to need to speak fast in order to cover the entire message.  People may not be able to make sense of what you’re trying to say.  If you summarize the same message using fewer words, it will make more sense.  Just don’t try to fit a 60 second video into six seconds of content.  If you need a longer video, use other tools, like YouTube to convey your message.

You won’t have to stop with just one Vine though.  You can also convey your message through a series of videos.  Make them sequential and your point can be made across 2 or even 3 messages.  Each video should have a message of its own but a combination of videos can provide more detail or information and be very effective.

After your video is complete and you are ready to share your message to social networking sites, use the caption section to add text that supplements your message.  In Twitter, you can communicate with 140 characters.  Combine that with a six second Vine message and you have a simple, compelling message.  The same is true for Facebook and other social networking sites that don’t have the character limit.

Before you actually record your six second video, make sure you plan out your message.  Be organized and make sure you think about the one point you’re trying to get across.  What is the point of this particular video?  Who is your audience and will they understand your message?

The most important thing to think about is whether Vine is the right format to use for your marketing message.  Don’t use it just because it’s the latest trend.  Be sure you have a message worth incorporating this new social media feature or if it’s best you use a different app.

To determine if Vine is right for your marketing plan, experiment with Vine by recording a video very quickly and with a specific target in mind.  This will help you determine if you can meet your marketing goals using Vine.  You also want to ensure your videos align with general best practices.  You don’t want to experience Vine failures that are attributed to basic errors that could have been avoided.

Vine could be a beneficial tool for any marketing plan if used effectively.  Six seconds isn’t much time to get a message out but it can be enough to provide a sneak peak of an upcoming product, event, etc.  With a good plan, Vine marketing for business can be effective.