Pinterest for BusinessIf you have a personal Pinterest account, you probably see a lot of recipes, medical information, decorating ideas and a lot more items pinned on other boards.  But did you know that Pinterest can also be useful in your business as well?

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board incorporated within a social network.  Individuals are able to “pin” and “like” images of items they see.  With the categories provided by Pinterest when pinning, businesses can use Pinterest to promote their own products and services for free.

With more and more companies exploring the benefits or Pinterest, businesses can now create an account at  These accounts require approval but you can add your website address, logo, etc., to your account.

On a business account, just like personal accounts, you can create a wide range of topics for different boards.  Some can relate to your profession or the products and services you provide and some can be personal in nature.  Like all social networks, one of the biggest benefits of using Pinterest for your business is that it gives you the ability to define your brand and expose the people behind that brand.  This makes it easier for people to relate to your brand and lets you showcase your work, interests and knowledge in your field.

Some interesting Pinterest information:

  1. Pinterest is now one of the largest social networks and growing at a very fast rate.
  2. There is no vertical size limit on pins, which provides a great deal of scope for creativity
  3. Click through and sales conversation rates are better with Pinterest than on Twitter or Facebook.

One of the benefits of using Pinterest for your business is promoting your blog.  If you wrote a quality blog post, it will include a picture.  So, posting a picture and your blog post and pinning it on a relevant board can be a great way to utilize Pinterest to promote non-graphical content, especially for service based businesses that don’t have a physical product to pin.

Pinterest provides a great venue for businesses to demonstrate expertise and credibility in any area.  The more you pin to boards, the more credibility it builds and people will trust your brand and look to you or your boards for ideas and information.  When you pin to your boards, you can create backlinks to your website, which provides crucial SEO ranking signals and increase your visibility.

There isn’t a better reason to create your business Pinterest account now!  If you need help getting your Pinterest for Business account set up, I’m happy to help.