linkedinLinkedIn is the largest professional network and offers many benefits to businesses.  Like other social media tools, companies can use LinkedIn to promote themselves, establish connections and build business relationships.  It’s also a great platform for companies to recruit candidates or demonstrate their experience and expertise.

Unfortunately, many companies have not yet capitalized on the benefits of LinkedIn for their business.  Here are a few great reasons to begin utilizing LinkedIn:

  1. Establish credibility – LinkedIn hosts individual profiles but also allows you to highlight your company as well.  You can share updates and blog posts and even link your Twitter feed.  This helps followers learn more about you, your expertise, etc.  The company pages allow you to interact with even more LinkedIn members and groups.
  2. Build a network – It doesn’t matter what your business objectives are, LinkedIn will help you build a network of business partners, clients and service providers.
  3. Ask the Expert – If you need expert advice, LinkedIn hosts many forums for discussions on different topics from different industries.  You can become a member of Groups and ask questions on the feed to get answers from other users.  So, you’re sure to find useful information or find connections in any area or industry to help answer your questions.
  4. Recruitment – If you’re looking to expand your personnel and are looking for people with specific qualifications and experience, LinkedIn provides access to potential candidates.  Businesses are able to search for potential candidates that fit specific levels of expertise.
  5. Recommendations – LinkedIn offers a feature that allows subscribers to request recommendations from customers, co-workers and other business connections.  This is another way to boost your credibility.

LinkedIn is also a great tool to promote your blog.  They’re one of the most effective ways to both build your brand awareness and get high-quality content links that point back to your website (but that’s the subject for another blog post).  LinkedIn allows you to add posts and links in your feed and has the ability to automatically add your blog posts for you.  This is a great feature and is another method to establish credibility and build your brand.

I’m on LinkedIn…are you?  Let’s connect