Facebook-Shortcut-KeysWe all know there are shortcuts and mouse/keyboard combinations you can use to control your computer. These have been around for decades. Touch screens, motion control and other controllers just haven’t done for us with keyboard shortcuts do. We probably use our mouse to perform some of these shortcuts as well.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were other, more specialized shortcuts we could use within other programs and apps? Did you know there are keyboard shortcuts that you can use in Facebook?

Facebook has shortcuts designed to help you more easily browse your news feed, create posts, switch between Facebook tabs, etc. Here are just a few:

  1. Interacting with a post
    1. If a post is selected (i.e., has a blue or dotted border around it), you can simply hit “l” (as in like) to Like it. Facebook will ask you to confirm this the first time you do it. When you approve it, you can also turn off future confirmations.
    2. If you’d like to comment on a post, tap “c” and a comment box will appear. Then tap “c” again and start typing. To post your comment, hit enter. Simple. Then press “l” to move to the next post.
    3. Everyone loves to share posts. So, select the post and simply press “s”. You will then be given the option to Share Now (Friends), Share, or Send as a Message. Highlight and select the option you want and hit Enter to confirm.
    4. If someone has added an attachment to a post and you’d like to open and read it, pressing the letter “o” will open the attachment. If it is a long post that has a “see more” link, press Enter to see the full attachment.
  2. Scrolling your news feed
    1. If you’re like most people, you like to skim or scroll through the news feed to see what’s there. You can use your mouse wheel for this, but if using your keyboard, you can simply press the letter “j” to jump to the next post.
    2. If you think you missed something or would like to go back to, press the letter “k” to go back a story. You will see a blue border showing which post you selected, which will gradually fade away.
  3. Search – Although there are dangers in Facebook’s search system, if you’re content privacy is set correctly, it can be a useful feature. Instead of having to click the search bar at the top of the page, you can just hit “/” and start typing. Then you would use the arrow keys to select an entry you want to see and press Enter.
  4. Tabs – Facebook has a number of areas from your News Feed and profile to the message center and activity log. You can use some keyboard shortcuts to these places rather than hunt all over for the links.
    1. Help – Shift + Alt + 0
    2. Home – Shift + Alt + 1
    3. Timeline – Shift + Alt + 2
    4. Friends – Shift + Alt + 3
    5. Inbox Shift + Alt + 4
    6. Notifications – Shift + Alt + 5
    7. Settings – Shift + Alt + 6
    8. Activity Log – Shift + Alt + 7
    9. About – Shift + Alt + 8
    10. Terms – Shift + Alt + 9
    11. New Message – Shift + Alt + m

Anytime you’re scrolling Facebook and forget any of these shortcuts, you can always type a “?” from the main Facebook page and get a pop-up with all of the available shortcuts.

Most may think they would never need to use these shortcuts…but think about a time when your wireless mouse battery goes dead. So, you really never know.